pre-marital counseling

Thank you for your investment in this premarital counseling course! Our desire is to prepare you for the vows you will make on your wedding day and to equip you for the days that follow by studying and applying what God has revealed about marriage in Scripture.

This course is completed in five sessions. The dates for each meeting will be established by the couple to which you are assigned for counseling.

Session 1: God’s Purpose for Marriage

Outline: God's Purpose for Marriage

Audio: For This Reason by Don Devries

Recommended Reading: Rich Toward Marriage

Session 2: Roles of Husband and Wife

Outline: Roles of Husband and Wife

Audio: Embracing God's Design

Recommended Reading: The Fear of Christ is the Beginning of Wisdom

Session 3: Conflict Resolution and Finances

Outline: Conflict Resolution and Finances

Audio: Growing Through Conflict

Recommended Reading: The Cross and Criticism

Session 4: Communication

Outline: Communication

Audio: No audio for Session 4

Recommended Reading: Speaking Redemptively, Watch Your Language, Christian Communication

Session 5: Intimacy and Sex

(Note: this session will be conducted with men and women separately.)

Outline: Intimacy and Sex

Audio: A Passionate Pursuit

Recommended Reading: Your Looks, Unconditional Love, Is Jealousy Always Wrong

Additional Resources

Wedding Vow Samples

Ring Vow Samples

Wedding Ceremony Planning 

Counselors click here for instructing materials.