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We serve a generous God who always gives what is best and beyond what is deserved. This is clearly seen in the gift given by the Father for salvation: his only Son, Jesus Christ. When we offer our finances, we do so in response to this amazing gift and in awareness that everything we have comes from God. Our giving is an expression of thanksgiving and worship to the One from whom every good and perfect gift is given.

Give Online

You can give a one-time gift or create a login to establish a recurring weekly or monthly donation. Recurring donations help us to plan ahead as we do the work of the ministry. Donate online or update your recurring donation now through ChurchCenter.


Closing Subsplash Donations

We are in the process of moving our online donation system from Subsplash to ChurchCenter (Planning Center). If you have a recurring donation with Subsplash, you can update it here: Subsplash Donations. Help us save money by moving to ChurchCenter for your online donations.

Give In-Person

While we do not collect tithes/offerings during our Sunday services, we provide collection boxes at the back of our sanctuaries at both our Abingdon and White Marsh campuses. If you need help locating the box, find one of our Frontline volunteers and they will be happy to help you.

Give Digital Currency

We now except donations of digital crypto currency to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others with all the normal tax savings allowable by law for charitable contributions to include potential savings on Capital Gains taxes.

Give Digital Currency


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