care groups


care_group1:: One of the joys of membership is participation in a group with about 15 to 20 other church members. We call these groups “Care Groups,” because their primary purpose is to help each other walk with God in the situations we face in our daily lives. We ask each other about our challenges and seek to find, through prayer and scripture, how God is working in us and through us as we face the tests of life. This not only involves prayer, counsel and encouragement, but also helping each other with practical needs—such as meals for a family with a newborn or networking help to find a job—so that we can live as a community which displays the love of Christ.


:: Care groups are primarily for members of Sovereign Grace Church. Those who have completed our Understanding Sovereign Grace Church membership class will have a personal interview with one of our pastors where they can discuss choosing the best care group for them.

:: For more information about care groups, please contact the church office.