defining values


:: Belief requires a response. The values that shape and define us as a church are our particular response to the biblical truths that we embrace. Simply put, our values are the practical expression of the things we believe, and are reflected in the following core commitments of this church:

:: A love for the gospel. The gospel is our central message, and the lens through which we view life. This finds expression in our confidence in the gospel to transform lives, in our heart for evangelism, as a foundation for our sanctification, as a source of our joy in God, and as an impetus for worship.

:: A passion for God. We never want our relationship with God to become passive or apathetic, but we desire to be ever growing in our live for our Savior.

:: A resolute emphasis on sound doctrine. We always desire to grow in our knowledge of biblical truth, and to apply this truth to our lives. This finds expression in our commitment to Scripture, our high view of preaching, the emphasis on application of truth in our care groups, classes we hold, and even in our bookstore.

:: A pursuit of the active presence of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This finds expression in our emphasis on corporate worship, our appreciation of and earnest desire for spiritual gifts and to pursue fresh infillings with the Holy Spirit, times of personal ministry in care groups and after the Sunday meeting, and an overall desire to cultivate a lifestyle of faith-filled dependance upon God.

:: A pursuit of godliness through application of Biblical truth. This finds expression in our emphasis on small groups, our pursuit of biblical fellowship, and our desire to apply the truth of God to our lives in every way possible.

:: A commitment to relationships as a channel for God’s grace in our lives. This finds expression in our care groups, our pursuit of biblical fellowship, our emphasis on family life, marriage and parenting training, our appreciation of and care for singles, the practice of hospitality, and countless other ways.

:: A love for serving. Jesus calls all his followers to embrace servanthood as the mark of true greatness, and we are blessed at Sovereign Grace Church with an abundance of true servants. This finds expression in a wide variety of ministry teams, small groups, our clutivation of spiritual gifts, and an endless array of both formal church contexts (e.g. the Sunday celebration) and informal life settings (e.g. meals for exhausted new mothers!).

:: A heart for sharing the gospel. We are consistently reminded of our privilege and responsibility to share the gospel, individually and corporately. This finds expression in evangelism training, outreaches, coffee houses, churchplanting ventures, and countless, faithful expressions of care and witness by the members of Sovereign Grace Church.