Pastoral Coronavirus Announcement

Dear Sovereign Grace Family,

We were greatly blessed to see how many people viewed our first online service last Sunday. As you know, we were delayed in getting our service online due to problems Facebook was experiencing.  We are making adjustments for this upcoming Sunday that we think will help, so please continue to pray for us as this process is new for our church!
Please be sure to thank Courtney Havrilla, one of our administrative assistants, who is doing such an excellent job in making Grace Kids material available to our families with young children each week! These excellent materials will assist them in teaching the Word of God in their homes.  
It is so good to see that care and community continues to take place, though it looks somewhat different from what we are accustomed to. Many care groups stay connected through mobile phone apps like “Group Me.”  And some of our care groups have had video prayer sessions using “Zoom”.  Several members in our church, upon hearing of some people in financial need, generously donated to our benevolence fund so we could provide some individuals with financial support.  Others have brought meals and groceries to those who need to stay at home during this time. We as pastors and our wives are seeking to personally connect with all our members to see how you’re doing and to pray for you. These are but a few examples of how the Lord is using the members of our church to care for and stay connected with one another.
In light of Governor Hogan’s most recent announcement, we are continuing to assess when we will be able to hold our Sunday service at each campus and will keep you updated. As of today, we anticipate holding our services online at least through Easter Sunday, April 12th.  
We will be using Facebook once again to "go live" at 11AM.  You can either go to a link on our website or you can go to our Facebook page here.  It is not necessary that you have a Facebook account in order to view this service.  We really miss being able to gather together on Sunday’s, but we are grateful for the technology that exists that allows us to at least be able “meet” in this way.  
We have been so encouraged by the generosity of all who continue to faithfully give their tithes and offerings, especially in the midst of the increasing financial challenges we are all facing!  As we shared with you at our last family meeting, our church continues to face some financial challenges which have been exacerbated by not having our Sunday services onsite. We encourage everyone to continue to faithfully give by mailing your donations to Sovereign Grace Church, 11620 Crossroads Circle, Middle River, MD 21220 (this mailbox is very secure and we check it regularly) or through our website ( We ask that you not give through our church’s app for the time being, as the company who hosts our app has been experiencing some difficulties.  
Let us encourage one another that, whatever challenges we face, our Heavenly Father is always with us and is always for us. He invites us to draw near to Him; to come before His throne of grace for help in our time of need and to cast all our burdens on Him, because He, who gave His only Son for us, cares for us, His children.
As always, if anyone would like for a pastor to reach out to them, please do not hesitate to let us know!
We thank our God for you!
-Your pastors