The Gospel Project

As we navigate through this unique season, we want to equip you with resources to use during your times of family worship. When you drop off your children in our Grace Kids Children’s Ministry, our volunteers use The Gospel Project (TGP) to teach them about God and his glorious gospel. The Gospel Project takes kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture where they discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation.

The folks over at TGP have graciously allowed us to share parts of our curriculum with you to use at home! The lesson components listed below can be found in the Parent Guide PDF linked under the Bible Story video.

  • Bible Story (Show the video or tell the Bible story from your own Bibles or using the simplified version of the Bible story for little ones)
  • Big Picture Question (The message of the unit)
  • Main Point (The message of the session)
  • Review & Discussion Questions (Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of questions! There are many here to choose from for what will work best for the ages of your children)
  • Activities (If you enjoy this kind of thing!)

Don’t feel pressured that this has to look a certain way or that you have to utilize everything offered! Trust the Lord to use you to teach the next generation! He is with you. We will be updating this page weekly with a new lesson as we eagerly wait to gather again for corporate worship. We pray this blesses you and opens up opportunities with you and your children to discuss the gospel!


Paul's Joy in Prison
Philippians 1:12–30



Parent Guide

Age-specific curriculum packets:


Younger Kids (K-2nd)

Older Kids (3rd-5th)