Grace Kids Registration

As we begin our transition back into normal church life, our Grace Kids ministry will be making its way back to the check-in system we had in place before Covid hit. We want to thank you for your patience and flexibility that you have demonstrated as we continue to navigate this season as a church. We appreciate you!

Abingdon Campus
The check-in desk will be open prior to service to check your children into Grace Kids. Currently, Abingdon will only have classes for second grade and younger. The 3rd-5th classroom is not available due to a volunteer shortage. If you are able to serve in the 3rd-5th classroom, please reach out to Seth and Courtney Ranneberger!

White Marsh Campus
White Marsh will continue to use pre-registration for the foreseeable future. Every week you will be able to find the registration link here on our church website. Currently, White Marsh will only have classes for Kindergarten and younger. 

White Marsh Registration

Here are the protocols and details that we plan to enforce in order to move forward with this ministry:

  • If you plan on attending the White Marsh service, please register each week in order for us to have your child checked in ahead of time and a headcount to have sufficient teachers available to serve. 
  • Grace Kids will continue to take place during the entire service so please feel free to drop off your child 5 minutes prior to the start of the Sunday service.
  • We will not be offering food/snacks.  
  • Your child may bring a labeled drink that can be brought into class with them.
  • As always, if your child needs to use the restroom during the service, a teacher will contact their parent directly to come and take them out of class.

Thanks for your patience and help in this matter! We are still seeking the Lord for wisdom in regard to this ministry and grateful for the teachers and helpers who are joyfully willing to serve our families!