giving faq's

:: Do I need to log in to make a one-time contribution? Online giving through PayPal does not require creating an account to contribute. However, our new online giving platform through Subsplash does require an account. 

:: Can I schedule recurring contributions? PayPal does not support a recurring transaction schedule, but our new online giving platform, SubSplash, has multiple options for recurring payment contributions.

:: Will I be able to see a history of my online giving? Please contact the church office to request a history of your contributions.

:: Can I give to another fund not listed on the website? Generally, primary, active funds will be available to choose from. If an approved fund is not listed on our website, a check can be written with that fund name designated in the memo line. Please contact the church office if you have questions about what specific funds are available.

:: Are my contributions tax-deductible? We are a 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible. After completing an online transaction, a receipt of your donation will be sent via email, which you may save for tax purposes. An end-of-year giving statement is also provided each January upon request.

:: Can I give stock? Stocks are often a befitting way to give. Appreciated stock donations can have the current value of the stock deducted without paying any capital gains tax. Stocks also qualify as charitable contributions. Contact the church office for more information about this.

:: Can I give a designated contribution? Designated contributions must be submitted directly to the church office. Please see our revised Designated Contributions Policy.