family of churches

:: Our church is privileged to be part of Sovereign Grace Churches—a growing family of more than 70 local Christian churches in the United States, and 10 other countries including Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Denmark, England, Ethiopia, Mexico, the Philipinnes, South Korea and Zambia. With other Sovereign Grace churches we share:

  • A vision to establish and support local churches
  • A passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • A commitment to our doctrinal distinctive
  • A desire to see the members of these churches glorify God in their public and private lives
  • As part of its commitment to equip and develop local churches, Sovereign Grace Churches provides a number of resources (books, teaching, and music), holds conferences (worship, leadership, small group and singles), and trains new leaders in their Pastors College.

:: Questions about Sovereign Grace Churches? See the ministry’s About Us page.