high school youth ministry

:: Our youth ministry exists primarily to glorify God. The teen years are often regarded by our culture as a time of rebellion and trouble. We see the teen years as opportunities for their young faith to grow. The goal is not just well-behaved, but teens with an active, dynamic relationship with Jesus! We want our teens to understand the gospel theologically, feel it passionately and respond to it wholly. We seek to encourage this by providing contexts for them to experience, apply, and proclaim the glorious gospel.

Meetings & Activities

:: Weekly corporate and small group meetings provide an opportunity for our youth to actively participate in prayer, worship, service and sharing. These meetings are also used as a platform for teaching about biblical expectations for young adults and parent/teen relationships. Recreational and service activities provide additional opportunities for fun, fellowship and growing together as friends.


::  For more information about Fusion & Ignite, contact Pastor Steve Cassarino.